Mouthguards Australia

About Us

Mouthguards Australia is an Australian owned and operated business with an Australian Distributorship to supply SISU® MOUTH GUARDS to the Dental Community.

The Director is Amanda Trenerry.

Amanda began her career in the dental industry in 1985, originally as a Dental Assistant and then as a Dental Hygienist. She has worked in Prosthodontic practice, in the High Caries unit at The Adelaide Dental Hospital and in various General and Orthodontic practices in London and South Australia. Amanda is a former lecturer and clinical tutor for Bachelor of Oral Health and Diploma of Dental Hygiene and holds a clinical preference for Orthodontics.

Mouthguards Australia was founded through a passion for the requirement of an effective and revolutionary new mouth guard that offered protection and superior fit for patients with orthodontic appliances and mixed dentition. For many years Amanda ( like many clinicians) had been unhappy with the “boil and bite” mouth guards available, which whilst effective at helping prevent dental damage, were a mouthfull and offered little comfort.

Amanda’s wish to remedy this had her initially focused on manufacturing to achieve an alternative. It was during this search for practical product materials that she stumbled across a Roller Derby site promoting the SISU® MOUTH GUARD.

What Mouthguards Australia aims to achieve with the SISU® guard is to provide a cost effective, reliable and comfortable fitting alternative for those patients with orthodontic appliances and mixed dentition. We are sure that you will find the SISU® mouth guards as revolutionary as we have.

There are many youtube videos and reviews available, as well as the instructional videos attached to this and the SISU® website .

For any enquiries or fitting techniques feel free to contact Amanda on Ph: 0411 668 112

Happy Mouth Guarding with SISU® MOUTH GUARDS


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