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Hot – but not boiling – water (60 degrees Celsius)
SISU®  guard
Fork or similar utensil



1. Wash your hands and the material with soap and water.


2. Heat water in a small bowl to approximately 60 degrees Celsius
(hot to the touch, but not boiling).

3. Place your SISU® into the hot water and wait until it becomes soft and pliable (use a fork or other utensil to determine mouthguard softness).


4. Once soft, carefully lift the SISU out of the water with a fork. It’s essential that you do not let the softened guard fold on itself as the material may glue together, making it difficult to reshape.


5. Balancing the pliable mouthguard with your thumbs, tilt your head back and open your mouth widely. Using a mirror, insert the mouthguard and bite down gently on the solid bar in the middle of the SISU – just enough to keep the guard in place.


6. Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth while flipping up the softened material to your front teeth. Then starting at the back of your mouth, use your fingertips to mold the material up against your teeth moving from back to front – covering the outside of your teeth to create a solid shield.


7. Once the material is completely molded, close your lips over the mouthguard and gently suck in air until the material has hardened to a snug, perfect fit.

Did you mess up? Unhappy with your fit? Had so much fun that you want to do it all over again? NO PROBLEM! Every SISU guard is remoldable up to 20 times. Simply place your formed SISU back in the hot water, let it soften and straighten out, and there you go! Time for Round 2.

Here’s a list of things to consider when fitting your SISU®!


So you’ve fitted your SISU, and you’re ready to hit the field…not quite. Once you’ve fitted your SISU Mouthguard it’s important to check to make sure that it’s fitted properly. A proper fitting guard is essential for the Diffusix™ Technology in the mouthguard to function. Here’s a quick checklist.


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