Fitting Instructions for SISU® with Orthodontics


It is recommended that, irrespective of the persons age, everyone wearing orthodontics should use an adult-sized SISU® mouthguard in order to enable a correct fit.

Please ensure that all brackets and/or attachments in the arch are completely covered with a strip of aluminium foil or a strip/piece of wax – to prevent the guard from locking into the orthodontics.

For a full arch of brackets you will need a strip of foil approx 13cm long x 3cm wide, and for localised attachments i.e buttons or Invisalign attachments you will only need a small piece of either wax or foil to cover them.

Below is a short video of Dr. Cynthia Fee that she has kindly allowed SISU to film during her fitting process. Please watch the video below and share it with your staff to help with your next fitting.

if you would like help fitting - grey


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